Masked Escorts of Venice vs London escorts

Many gents write in to us here at the Better Sex Guide to ask for advice on escorts dating services around the world. This week we received an interesting letter from a gent who wanted to date the famous Venetian Masked escorts that you see at so many functions in Venice. The Better Sex Guide did look around, but we could not find any Venetian masked ladies working as London escorts like We are aware that Venetian masked ladies are well known, and dating a Venetian masked lady is suppose to be a very special experience dreamed of by many discerning gents.

Since the Better Sex Guide could not help on this occasion, we decided to send our colleague and dear friend Alan to Venice. He is a gent who dates all over the world, and as a great deal of experience of many different type of escorts services. More than anything Alan enjoys dating London escorts, however this time we asked him to dip his toes into the Venetian lagoon to sample some Masked Venetian escorts.
He had heard about the service but was not aware of any Venetian Masked Ladies working as London escorts. So we sent Alan off to Venice to meet up with a Venetian Masked Lady.

Venetian Ladies

I must admit I was a bit anxious about this date. First of all I had never been to Venice before, but it was easy enough. The Better Sex Guide had made all of the arrangements for me including my date so I did not have to worry about anything. The one problem with dating Venetian Masked Ladies is that you have to book far in advance. This is a very select escort service, and there are not many ladies who qualify to be Venetian Masked Ladies.

I arrived at my central Venice hotel and I must admit that I was getting quite excited. Just before I left I had dated two London escorts, and they had told me a bit about the services offered in Venice.

I had just settled down in my suite when there was a discreet knock on my door. At this point I was really nervous and I almost wished my favorite London escorts were knocking at the door instead. However, in swept a Venetian Masked Lady and she was magnificent. She was tall and dressed very elegantly, her eyes were covered by a Venetian masque. Her name was Gristina and she proved to be one of the hottest and sexiest ladies that I had ever met. She had clearly been schooled in the arts of escorting and pleasure, and every moment with her was a dream. It was a bit disappointing that she did not take of her masque but at the end of the date I realized that this added to the sensual pleasure of the date.

I love dating London escorts, but this was a very special experience indeed. If, I ever feel like a very special treat in the future, I will travel back to Venice for a date with a Venetian lady.

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